I Am Second on Warped Tour – ALEX’s Story

Why do we go out on Vans Warped Tour? Because you are not alone, and we want to share the love of Jesus with you. Your story, your pain, your struggle, your success, your joy, your LIFE – it all matters. For more updates and images from the tour you can follow our Warped Tour Team on Instagram: https://hubs.ly/H0cBhcv0

One thought on “I Am Second on Warped Tour – ALEX’s Story

  1. Alex at 7:50 pm

    This came out wonderful guys, thanks so much ❤️ Very proud of how it was portrayed because I was like uh oh maybe I said random pointless things but cooper you edited it wonderfully!!! Short and sweet and I’m really hoping someone was touched by it and could relate, even if it’s only 1 person. I’m trying so hard to still believe these things.
    Miss you and love you guys, stay safe on tour <3

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