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David's Story

For years, cocaine became the first love in David McKenna’s life. He put off a relationship with God, but as David said in his own words, “There may not be a later.”

From happy childhood, to party animal, drug user, drug dealer, convicted felon, and drug addict, David McKenna’s road was a fast track to the pit of hell. “To me, cocaine is the devil, “ he says from experience. “I really think it’s truly one of the most scary things in the world.” There were many times that the craving, compulsion for drugs and alcohol became the God of his life.

Released from jail and working through a rehab program, David was introduced to the real God, the God of the hearts of men. He became part of a strong local church that ministered to him. But is that enough to help him avoid the cravings that would come on him during the day? How does he approach managing a life that when left alone can jump back into the hell-pit without a second glance?

Christ must be first in his life for David to even exist. The consequences of not following Him are devastating. Nothing else matters in his life. He story seems to say “Be encouraged, you need not stay in the hell-pit of life.” Christ has better things ahead for you.

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