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Why I Am Second?

We reach the masses of online, people searching for answers to life’s most important questions. Every story we hear about how a friend shared a film with them and it changed their life inspires us to keep getting the message out there. That inspiration compels us to do the awkward thing of asking you to give us money so we can keep doing it.

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Other Ways to Give

Explore Ways to Give Today.

In addition to traditional ways of giving via debit, credit, or check, we have partnered with Overflow to offer you more ways to give. You can now contribute gifts of stock, crypto, donor advised funds, and qualified charitable deductions from your IRA through this convenient online tool.

Planned Giving


Plan Now. Give Later.

Did you know there are creative ways to support I Am Second by planning now for a gift later? You can designate I Am Second as a beneficiary of your will or trust, IRA, or life insurance policy. You may also donate business interest and real estate, such as land, vacation homes, or other real property.

Planned Giving

Jesus into Unexpected Places

Our films have the unique ability to penetrate the often dark corners of the internet with the hope of Jesus. We tell raw stories of real people who’ve been changed when they put Jesus first. We talk about suicide, drugs, abuse, death, trauma of all sorts, and other topics that reach people who need hope. Maybe that even describes you or someone close to you.

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