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You Can Make a Difference!

Wildflowers bring beauty to unexpected places. Some grow in manicured flower beds, but most are in wild, untended places. There they bring waves of joyful colors as different seeds sprout, grow and blossom.

I Am Second scatters seeds of hope and peace like wildflower seeds. Some fall in tended places. But our aim is to fling as many seeds as possible into wild, unexpected places. Concerts. NASCAR races. Sporting events. Recovery houses. Homes, office buildings and school campuses.  Wherever there are people far from God who need a splash of hope and peace in their life.   

Would you help us fling more seeds of hope and peace? For each $2 you invest we can sow seeds that reach 22 more people. 

Were you encouraged by I Am Second? Fling it forward. 

Then together let’s watch God sprout and grow those seeds of the gospel.

Your Impact

“I just want to let you all know what a great film this is. So much meaning and life changing. I have probably watched it over 40 times and as a 53 year old father that is struggling with many of life's issues at the moment I truly appreciate what I take away when I do watch it.”

- David

I am wanting to get 100 of the wrist bands for my unit. I just have loved the I AM SECOND ministry and mission and want to share it with my unit while we are on deployment. Plant the seeds, and let God bring the water!

- Christian

Early this morning a nice man, who I believe saw the sadness and despair in my eyes, approached me and handed me a I Am Second booklet with Brian Welch on the cover and his personal testimony. After, I immediately went to the restroom and cried. I am going through the hardest time of my life and his message was so profound that has started a great change in my life. And a healing process I have not expected could even happen.

- Amber

One year ago I was in a place of terror, was suicidal, agoraphobic, and felt that God was so distant and I couldn’t battle my anxiety and PTSD. I happened upon Clint Gresham’s film I Am Second film. It was the game changer I needed to keep me present and seek true help. I am now present because of your testimony and how it spoke raw honesty and truth. Thank you.

- Chrysalis

I donated in honor of my darling friend who led me to your website and in celebration of @cherylscruggs whose video has given me remarkable hope in my own marriage.

- Corey

I just started college this fall and really struggled with my mental health. In the past month or so, I completed your Hope challenge, and I’m now watching your videos constantly and spending the most time with God that I ever have. I’ve been so inspired and I really believe I can do this now. Thank you.

- Taylor

I was in a dark place once and the three words I Am Second has saved my life and increased my faith by your bracelets and stories you all have shared. I love when people ask me.. what does that mean, I always take the time to explain to them what it means and I always give them the bracelet I’m wearing that day and encourage them to move their life in the right direction and to increase their faith in the Lord.

- Cody

What you guys do is incredible. Please don’t ever stop. The ones with Tori Kelly and Lecrae just helped my life so much. Thank you for it all. God bless you!


I just wanted to say this organization saved me. I was at one of the darkest parts of my life when I stumbled across the Phil Robertson video. I was raised Christian, but I wasn't walking the walk. If I didn’t find Jesus, I would have quit football and never would have had the opportunity to earn my scholarship. Thank you for everything this organization does.

- Graham