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Name I Am Second as a beneficiary in your will or trust.


Add I Am Second as a beneficiary in your IRA.


Name I Am Second as a beneficiary in your life insurance policy.


Donate land, vacation homes, and other real property.


Give closely held business and investment interests.


Make gifts that give you income over your lifetime.


Designating a bequest to e3 Partners through a will or trust is one of the simplest ways to extend your legacy in funding the Great Commission after your lifetime. This giving option provides significant flexibility, because your will or trust can be changed at any time. We hold quarterly seminars with our partner, Financial Planning Ministry, to educate donors on the benefits of various trusts. Contact us to learn more about our next Will & Trust Webinar.

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You can designate I Am Second as the beneficiary of a percentage – or all – of your IRA or retirement account. When I Am Second is a beneficiary, you still own the policy and can change beneficiaries as you like. You can designate the funds to go anywhere within I Am Second including staff members, initiatives, and the Great Commission Fund.

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When giving through a life insurance policy, you can designate I Am Second as a beneficiary or as an owner and beneficiary.

When e3 Partners is a beneficiary of your policy, you still own the policy and your decision can be altered if needed. For example, if your life insurance is a whole life policy, you will still be able to use the policy for your needs such as borrowing from or cashing in the policy.


When e3 Partners is the owner and beneficiary, you make an irrevocable decision for e3 Partners to own the policy. The amount of your charitable contribution will be determined by the lesser of the value of the policy or your basis in the policy (i.e. premiums paid).

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Property is a smart investment but selling may expose you to capital gains tax. If you donate property to I Am Second, you may eliminate this tax and receive a charitable deduction.

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Gifts of business and investment interest can be donated to I Am Second. I Am Second connects givers and their advisors to foundations such as National Christian Foundation, WaterStone, and The Signatry, to structure a complex gift that works for each individual situation. Complex gifts include gifts of closely held companies, partnerships, royalties, and other investments.

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A life income gift is an arrangement that provides funds for you and your loved ones now and benefits I Am Second in the future. By giving a life income gift to I Am Second, such as a charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder trust, you can provide for yourself and leave a legacy for the Great Commission. You may also be able to claim an income tax deduction for your gift. 

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