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Our Story

In 2008 we started as a Dallas-based nonprofit experiment. What would happen if we helped cast a vision of a life lived for something greater? At the time, the steep rise in online video content was just beginning, and so that’s where we started – by telling 20 stories of real people through short films. These were everyday people who could boldly and confidently say “I Am Second” even after earth-shattering personal experiences. 

Today we still tell those raw and real stories through more than 130 films on our site. Stories told by actors, athletes, musicians, business leaders, addicts, survivors, your next-door neighbors. These stories are from people like you. And even more than that, we now also share inspiring written content, resources for people to use, coaches to connect with in order to live Second, and more. 

Because of the bravery of these people we film, and all those that partner with us, our content has been viewed more than 120 million times by people in over 230 countries/territories. Nearly everyday we receive personal messages of the kind the impact these stories make in the lives of individuals who are looking for something more. What they find here is hope.

Please join us in our mission to help the world live Second.