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Live Second Coaches

Take the Next Steps in Your Journey

I Am Second has a ton of films, free downloads and other resources to help you Live Second. But none of these can replace the added benefits of talking to another person.

Take the Next Steps in Your Journey

They are spiritual coaches ready to help you in your journey Living Second. They offer practical next steps of putting your faith into action. The Live Second Coaches can pray for you and talk with you about your spiritual questions or train you in how to start a Live Second Group.

Are They Professional Counselors?

No. Live Second Coaches are not professional counselors equipped to deal with serious mental health concerns or addictions. If you or someone you know is in danger of self-harm or dealing with serious mental illness, please seek professional help. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, there are many organizations who are available to provide resources and a community of recovery for you.

Association of Christian Counselors – The world’s largest faith-based mental health organization with certified, trained and licensed counselors

Samson Society – A community for men struggling with an addiction to pornography

Celebrate Recovery – A 12-step program to help you overcome hurt, pain, or addiction

Does it cost money?

No, connecting with a Live Second Coach is absolutely free!

How Will They Contact Me?

You’ll be contacted by email first, and you can then determine the best way to connect. Many of our Live Second Coaches are trusted and trained volunteers and may not contact you from an official I Am Second email.

What Will We Talk About?

Live Second Coaches are available to talk with you about a variety of topics, including the following: next steps for growing in your spiritual journey, ways to put your faith into practice, how to understand and know God’s story, how to practically live that out, how to tell your story with others, how to connect with others on a similar journey and a host of other topics.

I’m Under 18. Can I Still Talk to a Live Second Coach?

If you are a minor, you are welcome to connect with a coach, but we do require an adult to be present with you.

Connect with a coach