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Live Second Groups

Discover Authentic Community

Want to go further in your journey with Jesus? Many, like you, want to learn what it means to Live Second and experience the hope, peace and purpose talked about in our films. That’s why we created ways to help you use I Am Second materials in a group setting with those committed to discovering God’s story and Living Second. 

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Top Benefits of Groups

Super Practical

Once you create your group, you’ll discover how these resources are oh-so applicable in your faith journey. If you want to go beyond just learning information about God to actually seeing what it looks like to follow him, then you’ll love these groups.

Extra Conversational

Groups use guided discussions around key Bible passages to pass on the important truths about God and life. You won’t run into long sermons but rather discussing, exploring and helping each other understand God’s plan for our lives.

All Shareable

If you love the experience of these unique communities (and you will), you’ll want to bring it back to your friends, neighbors and family. The curriculum is free, downloadable and super easy to use. 

Start Your Group

No need to wait! It’s easy to form a group today using these helpful resources and tips from others.