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Live Second Groups

Discover Authentic Community 

You are not alone in this journey, at least you don’t have to be. Many, like you, want to learn what it means to live Second and experience the hope, peace, and purpose talked about in our films. A Live Second Group is a gathering of people who commit to help each other discover God’s story for our lives and what it means to live Second. Find one online or in your community today.

How do I find a group?

Talk with a free Live Second Coach who can connect you with a community of people online or in your area, or help you start your own.

What can I expect at a typical meeting?

Group meetings are typically small, perhaps 6-10 people. Each meeting has a topic, a reading from the Bible, and a handful of discussion questions designed to get everyone engaged. No church experience or background is required.  In these groups everyone helps each other learn and practice some of the basic steps of spiritual growth like talking with God, studying the Bible, and sharing your story with others. These groups also have a very practical approach to following Jesus with time dedicated each meeting to discussing and even practicing how what you are learning might actually play out in your life. 

Are these groups something my church or organization can do?

Yes. Each of our Live Second Coaches can connect you with a local training designed to help you use Live Second Groups, tools, and discussion guides to introduce more people to the good news of Jesus.

Want to learn more about starting a Live Second Group? Learn more here.