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Live Second Groups

Discover Authentic Community

Having a community of people to follow Jesus with is essential to your spiritual journey. You are not alone in this journey, at least you don’t have to be. Many, like you, want to learn what it means to Live Second and experience the hope, peace, and purpose talked about in our films. That’s why we started Live Second Groups. A Live Second Group is a gathering of people who commit to help each other discover God’s story for our lives and what it means to Live Second. Find one online or in your community by connecting with one of our Live Second Coaches.

Super Practical

Once you find a Live Second group, you’ll discover they are super practical. If you want to go beyond just learning information about God to actually seeing what it looks like to follow him, then you’ll love these groups.

Discussion Oriented

Live Second Groups use guided discussions around key Bible passages to pass on the important truths about God and life. You won’t run into long sermons, but rather a community of people who gather together to discuss, explore, and help each other understand God’s plan for our lives.


If you love the experience of these unique communities (and you will), you’ll want to bring it back to your friends, neighbors, and family. The curriculum is free, downloadable, and super easy to use. You’re going to want one in your community.


So there it is. Live Second Groups will help you go even further with your journey with Jesus.

Want to Start your own Live Second Group? Learn more here.

Looking for how to start a Live Second Group with students? We’ve got you covered.

And as always, we have Live Second Coaches available if you have more questions. They’d be happy to share what they know with you.