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Live Second Groups for Students

Are you looking for a way to encourage community among students you are working with? Are you a student yourself, looking for a way to encourage and connect with your peers?

We’ve created free resources to help students stay connected and grow together. We have over 100 free short films at All are stories of hope and peace, of Jesus meeting us in our imperfection, and of finding real love.

Here’s what happened in one school when students took leadership to start Live Second groups to discuss I Am Second films.

Groups can be hosted in person, but the same community can develop virtually, too!

It’s easy. Here’s how to get started:

  • Pick an I Am Second film to watch together.
  • Download the film discussion guide to go with it. Each guide will include instructions on how to use it.
  • Gather virtually with friends, watch a film together and use the film discussion guide to talk about it. We guarantee it will generate lively discussion.

We have over 70 additional free film discussion guides for more of our films here.  

You can also connect with one of our Live Second Coaches who can give you or your students training on how to run a Live Second Group. 

Have more questions or want to learn more about training?