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Real Stories

Real People

Learning to live for something greater than themselves

Journey to Unflinching Hope

Watch, read and connect with a community of people who have discovered a different way of living. Experience real stories of real people who tried to curate a perfect narrative but instead found true peace in authentic identity. When they were lonely and overwhelmed, radical love stepped into that raw place and offered hope.

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    I Hated

    Five people, consumed by pain who learned to release hatred in exchange for love...


    I Survived

    Five Stories told side-by-side in one declaration of survival. Watch Now!...

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    COVID and Love

    Here's what having COVID has taught me about love. Read more on the blog. ...


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    Check out all the I Am Second Merchandise -- Wristbands, t-shirts, books, and mo...


    Become Second

    What does it mean to become Second? Watch this video to find out....

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