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Live Second Resources

Our Live Second Resources are designed to help you and others on your Live Second Journey. To keep track of your downloaded resources, all in one place, login to the the Live Second Community and go to your dashboard!

IdentityGuide ResourcePage Image

Who am I?

Most of us, if we’re honest, are yearning to be known. This is an invitation to rest and know that in Jesus you already have an identity and a purpose. We’ve created a free guide for you to learn to reshape your story to align with the one true source of unconditional love, and unshakeable, everlasting identity. Designed for you to go through on your own or in a group setting. 

resources SOH

Live Second Stories of Hope

This one page, super-simple guide will help you discover the hope, peace, and authority of Jesus. It brings you through nine essential stories of Jesus using key application and Bible discovery questions. This tool is great for use with a friend or family member, but can also be used by individuals.

resources gameplan

Live Second Game Plan

This guide is designed to help you implement Jesus’ Game Plan for your life. It walks you through Jesus’ 10 most practical teachings. This tool is designed to let you learn as a part of a group or as an individual.

resources FDG

Film Discussion Guides

We’ve created some discussion guides to go along with many of our White Chair Films. Perfect for anyone (groups or individuals) interested in going deeper into the spiritual themes of our films.

resources book

Live Second: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First

This the most comprehensive tutorial we provide on the Bible. It walks you through all the major stories, topics, teachings, and practical applications that the Bible highlights for those who follow Jesus. It’s an approachable resource offering daily, bite-sized Bible readings with simple explanations.