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David's Story

In the battle against living a life of confidence or being fearful of the pressure, David Murphy has picked confidence, but not in himself. Instead, he has a faith that sustains him better than a clutch performance.

Having played college baseball at Baylor, David Murphy was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in 2003 and spent the next three plus years with six different minor league teams before being called up for his major league debut at Fenway Park. He hit safely in his first at bat, beginning an everyday battle of balancing a high-profile, performance-based career with his personal identity.

A subsequent trade to the Texas Rangers gave Murphy the opportunity for more playing time, drawing even more attention as the Rangers captured the 2010 American League Championship and advanced to baseball’s biggest stage—the World Series.

How does David handle the balance between his work and his identity? What keeps him from being defined by those pressure-packed moments of a career instead of who he is?

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