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Michael and Tiffany's Story

Michael is a former neo-nazi whose life was defined by rejection and hate. Tiffany is an African-American probation officer assigned to his case. Today they sit down for an I Am Second conversation, side by side, to talk about the day that Tiffany came to Michael’s house, knowing who he was on paper – his record, and the symbols of hate on his walls and his skin – but open to the possibility of a life transformed, ready to work for radical change. “Can I ask you a serious question?” Michael asks. Tiffany nods. “Why did you believe in me so much? Why did you keep coming back? Why did you want to help me to change?…The things I did in my past, the people I’ve hurt…How can you love somebody like that? How can somebody respect me, accept me with the things I did? That’s why I had all that hate in me, because who would want me?” These are difficult questions, but Tiffany doesn’t hesitate. She gives her answer, calm and sure. “God,” she says.

Find Out What Michael and Tiffany Have