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Amanda Jane's Story

Amanda Jane Cooper had the perfect life on the outside and war on the inside.

She regularly stood in front of thousands of cheering people as a star actress playing Glinda in the hit Broadway musical. She’s won film roles opposite Ellen Page and Thomas Haden Church. She even found success in television with guest and recurring roles on Glee, Bones and CSI. By any outside measure of success, Amanda had it.

But inside, she was all doubt, unease, and trouble. She struggled with her self-image, comparing her body with everyone else’s in the entertainment industry. Then came an eating disorder and the destructive cycle of self-hate that followed.

“Why am I not okay?” she wondered. “I have everything.”

Her dreams on stage, television, and film all continued to come true, but satisfaction and peace eluded her. Then she met a woman who offered something she didn’t think was even possible.

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