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About the Film

Never Fight Alone is the story of how one man’s battle became a pathway for countless Veterans to experience freedom and healing from their battles with PTSD.

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As a Force Recon Marine serving as part of a Joint Special Operations Command Task Force, Chad Robichaux witnessed unspeakable evil. 

His battle with PTSD got so bad, he was removed from duty, and his marriage fell apart. With suicidal thoughts filling his head, Chad started searching for answers. Chad and Kathy found healing and transformation through the hope they eventually found in Jesus. 

When Chad realized that countless other combat veterans face the same psychological, emotional, and spiritual challenges he did after his service in Afghanistan (challenges causing some twenty-plus suicides a day and staggering divorce rates among military families), Chad wondered to himself, “Why doesn’t someone do something about this?” He eventually realized that the answer was “Why not me?” and so began Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs.

To date, Might Oaks has had over 4000 graduates from their Legacy Programs, over 150,000 individuals attending their Resiliency Programs and over 100,000 books distributed for free to veterans and active duty service men and women.

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