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Jason's Story

Jason Lee was the master of his fate, the captain of his soul. At twenty-two years old, he had already accomplished all of his life’s main ambitions. He had the job, the money, the girl, and the friends. He had achieved it all. He was happy. 

But he was also empty. Something was wrong. 

He went to church, thinking there he could find answers. And indeed he discovered hope in the message of Jesus. But when he threw himself into achieving value or worth for Jesus he found himself at an equally desperate end. He threw all of himself into doing the work of Jesus’ church. He served the church with everything that he had. For years, he lived, breathed, and dreamt of nothing but the work of the church. 

But something was still wrong. He was still empty. 

He needed to know if God’s love was based on what he could achieve or if God just loved him for who he was. 

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