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Mike and Carrie

God & Country

Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood open up about their marriage, parenting, heartbreaks, and purpose in this four-part short film series, addressing the question, “In all the ups and downs of life and relationships, how do you find solid ground?”


  • Ep 1: I Cry Easy

    Mike and Carrie met and fell in love despite some drastic differences and learned early on that a firm foundation for the relationship was essential.

  • Ep 2: The Wrestle

    In the midst of what felt like a broken promise, Mike and Carrie wrestled with God, having honest conversations about the miscarriages they experienced.

  • Ep 3: Just Blurt Out Whatever

    As they raise their growing family, Mike and Carrie share their parenting journey and how it has helped them understand true unconditional love.

  • Ep 4: If I Were Married to Myself

    Facing the challenges of fitting their very different lives together, Mike and Carrie describe how they strive to trust and honor God in everything.

    Mike and Carrie

    Mike Fisher’s hometown of Peterborough, Ontario overflowed with kids like him who dreamed of playing hockey in the NHL. He achieved that  dream at the age of nineteen when the Ottawa Senators selected him in the second round of the 1998 draft. But he never felt so empty. In 2014, Mike shared his story in an I Am Second White Chair Film, opening up about how he discovered real purpose in life only when he turned his attention towards a relationship with God.

    Carrie Underwood first rose to fame as a contestant on season four of American Idol. She’d go on to dominate the season and ultimately win and become the show’s most commercially successful artist. She has since sold more than 65 million records worldwide and has won countless prestigious awards, including seven Grammy Awards. 

    With the help of a friend, Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood met and began dating in 2008 and married in the summer of 2010. They are raising two young sons while maintaining their busy professional lives. 

    Each of the four episodes of Mike & Carrie: God and Country provides insight as to how they, with two distinct personalities and careers, stay grounded in the midst of the many peaks and valleys of their lives.

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