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Dave's Story

“I have spent an entire lifetime struggling.”

Dave Robbins, founding member of Blackhawk, has been in the country music business for more than 25 years, writing songs that have fueled the careers of artists who illuminate his body of work through the refracted light of their own interpretations.

But, while Dave Robbins has had great success in the public eye, his personal life has been a much different story. Constantly struggling with addictions to sex, porn, and alcohol, Dave eventually created a dual life.

Seven years into his marriage with his wife Mary Lynn, his infidelity nearly ruined his life, and the lives of his family. Before he knew it, he was in too deep. Having run out of lies, his wife figured out what was happening. Mary Lynn was crushed.

“It is so hard to believe that anyone can come home to their family and lie to them like he did.”

How could their marriage survive after Dave had caused so much damage? Would Mary Lynn ever be able to forgive him? These questions weighed heavy on their hearts until one night, kneeling in their living room, everything changed.

Find Out What Dave & Mary Robbins Have