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Michael's Story

When Michael McDowell won NASCAR’s biggest race, the Daytona 500, in 2021, many on the outside saw someone at the mountaintop of his sport. But Michael had seen more than his share of valleys. 

The first major one involved a crash that should have killed him. A crash that came to define him. A crash that left him wondering about the future. Not long after, his career started tumbling like the car he totaled on the race track.

“I came into the sport with a big contract and a multiyear deal, and nine months later I was without a job, my wife was pregnant expecting our first child, and so much happening in that period of time, and so many trials, that it was really hard to wrap my head around what God was doing.”

At his lowest point, he opened his Bible and found a new perspective, a perspective that would make sense of all his struggles.

“That perspective really changed what my next 10 years looked like in this sport.”

This is how he found that perspective, how you can find that perspective, and how God doesn’t waste any of our pain and suffering.