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Lisa's Story

Lisa Luby Ryan wanted the perfect life: children who adored her and a husband that would protect, guide and love her. But things didn’t turn out that way.

She had been sexually abused at a young age, lived in a chaotic home and wasn’t loved by her parents. Honesty, trust and a wholesome relationship between a man and a woman simply wasn’t Lisa’s reality. As she went through life, through relationships and men and a broken family of her own, she knew in her mind that “all I wanted was to be loved.” But God asked her the question, “How can I heal you when you’re not willing to heal yourself? Are you willing confront your secrets and give it all up to me?”

Are you willing to give it all up? Are you willing to be healed? Lisa had to confess her past; a life of affairs, abortion, divorce, and neglect. She freed herself by facing the truth, and God was faithful to restore the broken pieces.

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