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NASCAR's Story

A Daytona 500 Champion, several up-and-coming drivers and the more experienced mentor have more in common than one might think.

A number of NASCAR drivers visited I Am Second for individual interviews. While the camera rolled, they shared their personal stories of hope and pain, trials and triumph, victory and defeats, desperation and transformation. After a full day of filming there were multiple stories captured that could be shared as several I Am Second films.

Yet when the editing started, there was a startling revelation. These were not multiple stories, but simply one story shared multiple ways. These drivers, guided by the unseen hand of God, were all traveling a similar road. Their journeys may have had different circumstances, but they shared a common destiny during which they were being taught very similar lessons. Being good students as well as skillful drivers, these men identified that they needed to yield control to the only one who could really keep them on track – both in life and their careers. Their compelling story is an inspiration to all who find themselves struggling with who is in control.

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