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Chris's Story

Chris Coghlan used to use baseball to escape pain. Eventually he found peace elsewhere.

When teenager Chris Coghlan’s family life was tragically altered one afternoon, his response was a nearly exclusive focus on practicing his baseball skills. Playing ball allowed him to escape the pain of his loss. In doing so he developed a selfish approach to life. Everything centered on him, he could do whatever he wanted and he pursued his ambition of a career in baseball over anyone and anything else in his life.

While his baseball dream ultimately came true, the selfish attitude stayed. His teammates noticed, team management noticed, to the point that he developed a noticeable anxiety and nervousness about his prospects. His baseball career hung in the balance.

Yet, in 2009 Chris Coghlan was named National League Rookie of The Year. Today there is a peace that exists and a balanced approach to his life and his game performances. Something changed Chris Coghlan. Something powerful enough to overcome years of living only for himself. Something that could erase pain and its effects. Something that could heal a man so that he can freely pursue a God-given craft without hesitation.

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