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Baron's Story

“If you’re 1,000 steps away from God—which I was—God will take 999 steps just so you’ll take that one.”

A product of Texas high school football, Baron Batch started his Texas Tech football career with “do it my way” attitude. Success in high school meant similar success as a college player, right? But one play changed that—where a simple ankle injury started a chain of events that would strip away the bravado of being a star. One surgery, two ,and many more would be needed before the injury and subsequent infection came under control. Months went by—an eternity for a college athlete.

The roadblocks he was experiencing in football were the key to discoveries he would make away from the sport. Now that he was injured and not playing, who were his friends? What were his interests? Where could he find support? Who was he?

Finally the roadblocks to playing came down. He could re-establish his identity. Which he has done with a greater purpose in mind.

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