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Randy's Story

Randy Moore found peace where most people find despair: in the midst of grief.

For over 30 years Randy Moore has been a familiar news anchor to the Tri-State/Evansville area of the country. He’s seen as a comforting, stable and trustworthy presence—perhaps the Walter Cronkite of this era to that region. He is able to inject a sense of calm that counters unnerving news reports.

Yet for Randy, some of those years have personally been very difficult, especially the time his wife was dying of pancreatic cancer. On the air he acted calmly, but when he was home with Ann, his life was anything but under control. As the reality of her death hit home, and grief almost unbearable, he suffered great physical and emotional disruption.

However, through walking the journey with his wife to her death, Randy did discover a purpose to his life that buffered the grief—a peace that still sustains him today.

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