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Christine's Story

“Christine Petric struggled with where to find her identity: in her ethnicity, in soccer, in a relationship. Eventually, she discovered where her true identity could be found.

Born in South Korea, adopted at a young age, and growing up in a predominately white suburban environment, Christine Petric was constantly reminded that she was different. The one place where these differences did not seem to matter was when she excelled on the soccer field. At those moments she was the “successful soccer chick” and could forget any awkward discrimination.

An injury early in her freshman soccer season derailed big athletic plans, and her extra time ushered in a quickly developing dating relationship. Soon she was living only for herself, and “being pretty selfish about it.”  It took a devastating revelation from her boyfriend that further rocked her self-esteem before she was ready to see that her true identity was found in Christ’s love for her.”

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