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Love and Relationships

The one great commandment for all humankind and the place where we express it.

Whatever question you’re asking or struggle you’re dealing with, love is what you need. It’s not the butterflies-in-your-stomach type of love that dies with the first frost of winter. But the stubborn, relentless kind of love that doesn’t give up at irreconcilable differences, that sees past failure and annoyance, and that holds on through storms.

“Love” may be easy to say, but the real thing can’t be coded or typed. Love is not a “like” or a heart-shaped emoji. It can’t be measured by retweets or followers, but rather by its stubbornness in difficulty, kindness in times of need, and grace in moments of weakness. And there is One who has offered it to you, free and forever, if you’ll trust him enough to love him back.