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Share it

We love it when people decide to follow Christ through our videos. But we love it when believers who watch are empowered to share even more. Check out this response:

“I just stumbled across your message while checking out Jason Castro Videos on You Tube. It couldn’t have been better timing. I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and am in prayer for my family to come to the realization that He is real, and He is enough. I have shared a couple of the videos with my husband and am looking forward to sharing them with more people. Thank you for your obedience to our Heavenly father by putting this together to reach a lost world and share a message of hope and Truth. God bless all of you, Lisa.”

Have you shared with anyone today?


2 thoughts on “Share it

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  2. Lisa Elliott at 10:50 pm
    Lisa Elliott


    wow thats pretty cool love it I have a friend who has been showing me lots of the viedos on your sight and it has been up lifted for me as I go through a batle of cancer and going through my body I am left with nothing not no more I have God now thanks to a friend on facebook her name is Ann Bell just meant her and very sweet she has helped me found my way through God’s eyes and so fare God has showed me the power of Him and His prayers I am so blessed to have great friends on facebook and I enjoy watching the viedos this is amazing thank you,

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