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Live Second Isn’t a Phrase, It’s a Way of Life

“I Am Second” is a lifestyle built on putting God and others first. Here, you can embrace a new identity in Jesus, and then take part in the ongoing process of living like him. Discover all the resources you need on your faith journey.

Your First Step

If you haven’t made the decision to Live Second, then start the journey by watching this video. We mean it when we say it’s the most important decision you will ever make.

Did you just make the decision to Live Second?

Start Your Journey

The process of Living Second can be confusing at times. Look at some encouraging resources that’ll help you get started.

Who Are You?

God made you and understands you. Get answers about who he says you are with this guide.

Tell Your Story

Everyone has a story worth sharing – even you. Here’s how to embrace it and tell the world.

Know God’s Story

God’s story is simple and complex, so we’ve created a video series to help you understand it and share it.

Get Coached

We’ve trained our Coaches to help you learn how to Live Second. (And it’s free!)

Meet the Live Second Community

Real. Raw. Honest. This is a group empowered to share their unique story and committed to putting Jesus first. Becoming a member gives you FREE access to new resources to help you Live Second.

Go Deeper

If you’re ready to go a little deeper and start participating, then check out these exciting resources to do just that.

Develop Your Prayer Life

We’ve outlined five steps in this short but insightful guide to help bring you even closer to God.

Watch, Discuss, Grow

Our discussion guides tie our films to rich, biblical truths, empowering you to tell your own story with your friends.

Stories of Hope

This one-page, super-simple guide will help you discover the hope, peace and authority of Jesus through nine essential stories.

Discover God’s Plan

God has a plan and purpose for your life. So we created a guide to walk you through Jesus’ 10 most practical teachings.

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Take the Next Step

I Am Second has joined the Made to Multiply initiative – and you can, too! Get trained. Share the gospel. Make the disciples. Let’s confidently tell our story and God’s story to change the world.

Take Action

Looking to contribute? Below are ways you can get hands-on in sharing the message of hope.

Pray With Us

Want to make an eternal difference and help others in an important way? Then we need you on the Prayer Team.

Start a Group

Use these resources to help you and your friends who are ready to go deeper in their spiritual journey.

Make a Stylish Statement

From wristbands to tees – wear the gear that gets people talking.