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You’ve watched the films, but as a member of the Community, you can get access to our full archive of films as well as behind-the-scenes and bonus content that didn’t make it into the final films!

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You will have access to exclusive deals on I Am Second Store products and can even sign up for regular subscription of gear to help you wear, live and share the message of I Am Second.

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Have you discovered the power of living Second? Then, let us empower you to tell your story. Get access to resources for how you can effectively share your story with friends, family, and the people in your life.

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Talk with a free Live Second Coach who can connect you with a community of people online or in your area who can help you live Second and experience a brand new kind of life.


Get the simple tools you’ll need to live out the practical side of being Second. Free Live Second assessment, film discussion guide, small group materials and more.


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