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Become a Live Second Coach

After you decided to put Jesus first in your life, did someone come alongside and help you grow spiritually?

If so, are you ready to make an impact and be that person for others?

Step 1 – Check Out the Requirements

  • You must have a heart to disciple others online and in person
  • Familiarity with these No Place Left spiritual growth tools (Not familiar? We’ll teach you!)
    1. Stories of Hope
    2. Commands of Christ
    3. 411
  • Endorsements from your pastor or other spiritual leader and two other individuals who know you well

Step 2 – Watch This Short Video

Step 3 – Read the Live Second Coach Guidelines

Step 4 – Complete the Application Form

Step 5 – Approval

Our team will review your application and let you know when it has been approved.

Step 6 – Activate Your Hubspot Account

When you receive a welcome email from Hubspot, please click that email to activate your account and set your password. It may take a few days for you to receive this email because some of the backend workflow is manual until our tech team has time to automate it.

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