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How to Start a Live Second Group

You can help people learn how to live Second by making Jesus first.  That means helping people to understand and follow what Jesus teaches.  But spiritual growth happens best when people do it together in community with other followers of Jesus.  So our focus is to help individuals, organizations, and churches create new spiritual communities where people can learn how to live Second. Here’s how we can help you do just that:

Get Started

Step 1: Download a Discussion guide

Download a discussion guide for your Live Second Group Meetings. You have several options available to you on the Resources page.

  • Film Discussion Guides – feature I Am Second films. These guides are designed for people who are thinking about becoming Second.
  • Live Second Stories of Hope – This discussion guide has a meeting agenda, plus a list of 9 stories that display the hope that Jesus brings.
  • Live Second Game Plan – This discussion guide is for those who are committed to live Second. It covers 9 essential steps for people who follow Jesus. If your group is a part of a larger church, consider starting here.

Step 2: Gather your group

Invite friends and family. It could be a sports team or other group you hang out with. Maybe invite people through your Facebook, Instagram or other social media accounts.

If you have questions about how to do this you can sign up here. This is open to individuals or for leaders looking to implement this in their network, organization or church.

Step 3: Decide when and where to meet

Where is the best location for everyone in your group to meet? While coronavirus restrictions are in place, how can you meet virtually?  Zoom? Google Hangouts? Facetime? Phone call?

Step 4: Go for it!

Below is some guidance on how to lead a Live Second group.

You can do this! But our Live Second Coaches are here to help you if you have questions.

Live Second Groups DNA


Small. Keep groups small. Start groups around circles of relationships, people who already know each other. Meet where these people already gather like in a home, café or online. With a larger group, divide into sub-groups of 3, 4 or 5 people.


Everyone Learns to Grow on their Own. In the group, everyone learns to grow by doing the following on their own: 1. tell others about Jesus, 2. learn from the Bible, 3. talk with God, 4. help and encourage other believers, and 5. boldly face persecution and hard times.


Consider Everyone a Potential Trainer. View everyone as a potential trainer, both before and after they trust Jesus. Leaders are usually unpaid and without formal schooling.


Obey and Train. The groups are obedience based, not just knowledge focused. Follow Jesus by learning and obeying the Bible through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Make practical and specific commitments each meeting and review them the next time you meet. Become fishers of men by training others how to learn and obey as well.  This creates an environment in which loving Jesus means obeying Jesus.


New Groups through Mentoring and Multiplication. Focus on starting new groups rather than growing into big groups. Meet with new leaders as they start new groups. Train them to do the same for others. Keep everyone connected for ongoing training and accountability.


Discuss and Discover. Focus on the Bible. Trust the Holy Spirit to help each person discover the meaning of Scripture. Lead through asking questions rather than preaching. Try to make sure everyone participates.

Discussion Tips for Group Leaders

  • Have fun! Laugh together.
  • Watch the I Am Second film for each session before group meeting.
  • Stick to the Bible stories in the discussion guide.
  • Speak in sentences and not paragraphs to allow everyone a chance to participate.
  • Talk less and facilitate discussion more.
  • Be practical and specific during the discussion about commitments for that week by setting action, date and time goals.
  • Bible surf. (Stick to the Bible passage given for each discussion guide.)
  • Talk about politics or religion.
  • Chase rabbits or open up topics not directly related to the discussion guide.
  • Dominate the conversation.
  • Skip parts of the group discussion questions.

Have more questions or want to learn more about training?