Peace in the home

A peaceful home is on just about everyone’s Christmas list each year. I’ve already shared three tips to having a peaceful Christmas, but I wanted to dig in a little more and share what the Bible says about how to have peace in your home. 

Tyler Brown: Drug Addict to Missionary

Have you ever witnessed a miracle? Many of us heard the story of Moses splitting the Red Sea and people stood there in awe. Jesus alsp raised Lazarus from the dead and even his most ardent followers were left shocked at the sight. The Bible is full of fantastic and seemingly impossible miracle stories. But I’ve come to believe that some of God’s most impressive miracles can’t be seen. Tyler Brown has one of these stories. 

Fight for Peace

Over on the blog, I wrote about three ways we can usher in peace in our communities. I wanted to go a little deeper here on the Community Feed. It’s this: Peace can be hard. 

How to Be More Present

Learn how to be more present this Christmas with practical tips for getting away from your phone and being more in the moment.