Group Challenge - I Am Second

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The Live Second Group Challenge

Read the Bible with your friends to learn how to live Second together!

You have gained confidence in sharing your story and God’s story with others. Now, what do you do with those who want to follow Jesus?

None of us has this whole journey with Jesus completely figured out, and we all need a little help learning how to be like him. Come alongside your friends and family by learning to read the Bible with them using a Live Second group!

What is the Live Second Group Challenge?

  • Go from sharing your story and God’s story to walking with others who have decided to put Jesus first
  • Learn the pattern to follow in a Live Second group meeting
  • Learn the core “SECOND” DNA of a Live Second Group
  • Download resources for starting your own group, like the Live Second Game Plan and the Live Second Stories of Hope
  • Start your group!
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