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Start a Live Second Group

You can help people learn how to live Second by making Jesus first.  That means helping people to understand and follow what Jesus teaches.  But spiritual growth happens best when people do it together in community with other followers of Jesus. So our focus is to help individuals like you, organizations, and churches create new spiritual communities where people can learn how to live Second.

Get Started by Downloading a Discussion guide

You have several options of resources to choose from:

  • Film Discussion Guides – feature I Am Second films. These guides are designed for people who are thinking about becoming Second.
  • Live Second Stories of Hope – This discussion guide has a meeting agenda, plus a list of 9 stories that display the hope that Jesus brings.
  • Live Second Game Plan – This discussion guide is for those who are committed to live Second. It covers 9 essential steps for people who follow Jesus. If your group is a part of a larger church, consider starting here.

Get Training

We are ready to come alongside you and help you start leading others. You are not alone! This is open to individuals like you or for anyone looking to start using this in their network, organization or church.