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Remi Adeleke
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Remi Adeleke

With no father in the picture, Remi Adeleke tried to find a father in the things around him: music, culture and peers. He tried it all, then found his way out by joining the military. But even becoming a Navy SEAL wasn’t enough. After spending 13 years in the military, Remi felt led to leave, but upon leaving he and his family struggled financially.  In his time of struggle, Remi began to do something he hadn’t done in years – question God’s plan. Then came a call from an unexpected place. Could a Hollywood film advisor have the answer he was searching for?

3 thoughts on “Remi Adeleke

  1. Chris White at 10:07 pm
    Chris White

    Wow, God definitely lead me to and spoke to me through this testimony. It feels like I’m in limbo right now. Family and friends are doubting my sanity on several levels, and my faith that He has the plan and I’m on it. Some days I doubt salvation. But I’m aware of His Presence, presently with me at present, nothin more He need to present, though it feels like I do resent, how he re sent, me to people who don’t please ‘im, I ain’t leavin, though the season, sometimes feel like I be grievin, no more thievin, like a heathen, up in Heaven, rest in peace, instead of worry, I be risin, cause the bread that I eat leavened, and I know I need to hurry, act on Grace I see; forgiven, do not know where I am headed, it’s okay though, workin daily up at seven, when I be late get to pleadin, but it’s cool when You can use me, feelin groovy, like a smoothie, not how I planned but this movie, that you’re seein now is who He’s workin on, not confusing, so amusing. the plan, to fallible man, that He can bring about a reset, when I regress, see me re set, my mind upon the Word, many secrets, hiddin regrets, that I’m leavin quick like sittin in a corvette, problems commin at me but I’m chillin in the pool – wet, swimmin with Him daily, ever tighter but no corset. Even when I plunge to depths, like Johnny Depp, with lungs a wreck, He hung His neck. “It is finished”, now He won’t relent, chose to check, off all my sin when He rose again – alI that I be facin, this seperation, from all of my bad choices, tryina recover from mad voices, runnin through my mind like a divorce is, there any other person never blind to rejoice in? Remind me of my future, and stop dwellin on the past, I was feelin like a loser, but now I am movin past, all the pain that never suit her, and so all I do is laugh, for the freedom that brings closure to the distant memories, is the reason why we’re closer and the end is up to me.
    thank you for surviving to the end. “This is a therapy, for me” – N.F.

  2. Jennifer Pone at 10:28 am
    Jennifer Pone

    Just saw this incredible man of God speak last night! I am forever changed! Thank you for standing up and speaking on your journey to salvation. I was convicted to be a better wife & mother! I saw the incredible African American man standing for God & saw my husband & my young men in him! This world is a battle field. I know he has an amazing wife backing him. I have repented for being a nagging, complacent, complaining wife & mother. Ladies let’s do all we can to support our men, they need us. Every man is capable of greatness. Remi is a phenomenal example of what God can do in each of our lives. Thanks again, mom with the troop ( 8 kids were there, we have 10) soldiers for Gods kingdom. Can’t wait to see him speak again. Would love to hear his wife share also! God Bless!!

  3. Dwight Hasbrouck at 7:28 pm
    Dwight Hasbrouck

    Would be great to hear his testimony about his being touched by the Holy Spirit unto true salvation as becoming a true
    John 3:3/3:5 born again follower/servant of Jesus.

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