Nate Larkin

Nate Larkin was a pastor with a binding secret of pornography that was tearing apart his ministry and his marriage, but when all seemed lost he found freedom. Today, he is able to openly share with audiences his moral struggle and how he has conquered addiction through the redemptive power of Christ.

Growing up in the church as a preacher’s kid, Nate Larkin aspired to be just like his dad – only better. To him, a good reputation was all he needed to be great, even if that meant hiding his personal struggles from the world. Nate first encountered hardcore pornography on a seminary-sponsored trip to New York City with his wife. This tour was meant to educate them on the realities of women being exploited in the sex business, but instead of turning away in disgust, Nate was immediately hooked. His obsession with porn began to consume him. After five years of leading a double life, he left his church for fear of being discovered and ruining his reputation. Nate turned to the business world and continued feeding his addiction until his wife finally caught him. With his marriage and family on the line, he decided it was time to seek help. He was finally free to confess his failures and allow his prideful walls to be broken down before a merciful Savior. Nate discovered that the Jesus he used to preach so passionately about came to the earth to save the outcast and broken sinners, not perfect people.

Nate is now recovered from his addiction and has started a ministry called Samson Society, a place where men can come and be openly accountable with one another while biblically seeking the road to recovery. His message is already being used to impact men and young people across the country.

Nate Larkin is the founder of Samson Society, a group that provides a safe setting for men to be vulnerable and open with one another, confessing their weaknesses, while growing in honesty and accountability through the guidance of the Bible.

Nate received his Masters in Divinity at Princeton Theological Seminary. After overcoming his addiction to pornography, he wrote Samson and the Pirate Monks: Calling Men to Authentic Brotherhood. This book is geared towards men and details his personal testimony in a very honest, humble way.

Nate’s wife Allie has remained supportive of him throughout a difficult healing process. They live with their three kids in Franklin, Tenn.