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Unlikely Friends
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Unlikely Friends

I Am Second Conversations – Michael and Tiffany Michael is a former neo-nazi whose life was defined by rejection and hate.  Tiffany is an African-American probation officer assigned to his case. Today they sit down for an I Am Second conversation, side by side, to talk about the day that Tiffany came to Michael’s house, knowing who he was on paper – his record, and the symbols of hate on his walls and his skin – but open to the possibility of a life transformed, ready to work for radical change. “Can I ask you a serious question?” Michael asks. Tiffany nods. “Why did you believe in me so much? Why did you keep coming back? Why did you want to help me to change?…The things I did in my past, the people I’ve hurt…How can you love somebody like that? How can somebody respect me, accept me with the things I did? That’s why I had all that hate in me, because who would want me?” These are difficult questions, but Tiffany doesn’t hesitate. She gives her answer, calm and sure.  “God,” she says.

19 thoughts on “Unlikely Friends

  1. Sara Sterbacky at 9:55 am
    Sara Sterbacky

    Praise God!! What an AMAZING and LOVING GOD WE HAVE!! Michael, I’m so happy that you’ve accepted His Gift of Salvation! Realize that your sins are of no more weight than any other. Sin is SIN. It is all the same to God. That is WHY He sent His Son, Jesus to die for us! HIS BLOOD, covers our sin, washes us ‘White As Snow”, and it is by HIS STRIPES, that we are healed, physically AND spiritually. Accept that Gift and you are a NEW CREATION! Some that you have hurt may not forgive you, but rest assured sweet one you ARE FORGIVEN. Walk upright in that forgiveness sweetling and let HIS LIGHT shine through you!!! The message of HOPE and acceptance and understanding that you can share…your testimony will change many lives and win many souls for Him!! Tiffany, sweet, beautiful, precious girl!! What a joy to be used as such a vessel for Him!! I rejoice in your courage and strength!! I recognize a deep and abiding faith in you and your steadfastness with your Heavenly Father!! Having a bit of knowledge about corrections from a former spouse, I know how hard the hearts of many in the corrections occupations have. That type of work teaches employees how to put up walls against the ‘inmates’ playing games with your head. And molds hard minds and hearts against the ones in their ‘care and custody’. Instead of using care for them, they use the care for themselves and allow no one to penetrate the walls of their minds or their heart. I saw it just as frequently with the women in those positions as I did the men. You sweet girl are the EXCEPTION. You are remarkable! You do not operate out of fear, which we know is NOT of God, but you exude the Spirit of Truth and Love. Your quiet, gentle nature and your quick warm smile are a beacon of His Love! I will remember you always in prayer and encourage you to continue to lean into Him in your walk. You are truly blessed to be such a vessel and I thank God for you!!

  2. Kory at 12:25 pm

    This is a Beautiful example of God’s Love put into others who then put it to those in need of understanding, forgiveness, Grace and Love. I do pray that Tiffany and Michael can touch many others in the way they have touched me. Tiffany has a tough job yet the Lord sees her through and “the gut” feeling she gets is in my opinion the still small voice of the Holy Spirit guiding her. Many more Blessing to the Two of you. Kory

  3. Enock BEAUCHANT at 11:11 am

    I really liked this video. The moral lesson of this video can be summarized as follows: “No matter how serious our past mistakes have been, God is ready to forgive us if we seek his forgiveness.” Michael thought he was at a point of no return for the many people he hurt, but God used Tiffany to show him that he was wrong, his life finally changed and God forgave him.

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