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Moriah Peters Smallbone – Second Edition

When Moriah Peters first filmed with I Am Second at 20 years old, she told us the story of the moment she first experienced the intersection of music with her faith. She told us about standing on the American Idol stage auditioning for the judges, and choosing to trust in God’s plan for her music and career. She smiled wide as she showed us her engagement ring and described holding that same trust for her upcoming marriage to her husband Joel Smallbone.

“I feel like the I Am Second interview really kicked off this new chapter in my life where I had this forever partner. I was able to partner with my husband and step into music. I don’t think we were quite prepared for reality to sink in.”

Through their first years of marriage, as Moriah and Joel joined their lives and careers, and navigated the complex and challenging terrain of intimacy, personal baggage, communication and trust, they learned that the lines between hate, hurt and love are sometimes painfully thin.

“I think hate is really just a distorted form of hurt, and hurt can often be its own form of love… I needed to be reminded that love isn’t always an overflow of the heart. Sometimes love is a very active and intentional decision.”

In this Second Edition, Moriah and Joel reflect on the road they’ve traveled together thus far, and the shift in perspective that ultimately transformed the way they thought about their relationship and opened up a resource of overwhelming, superhuman, unconditional love in their life and their work together.

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