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Lynsi Snyder
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Lynsi Snyder

“After my dad died, my world shattered.  I longed for attention, something to fill the huge void.”

At only 18, Lynsi found herself overwhelmed with emptiness in the wake of her father’s untimely death.  Seemingly nothing, including a succession of men, helped ease her grief.  Her future as the leader of In-N-Out was now much closer than she ever expected. Even accepting the reality of the huge responsibility that was coming couldn’t fill the void.

Desperate for comfort and afraid to be alone, she rushed into early marriages that from their beginnings weren’t right.  She cheated. And in turn, she was used, disrespected and neglected, emotionally abused and manipulated, cheated on through a pregnancy and after.

Finally finding the true love of Christ during the struggle of her last marriage, she was made whole and new and able to conquer the fear of being alone. Armed with authentic faith and fulfillment, she was given the man beyond her dreams, a godly man – a husband, best friend and father to their children.

From grief and desperation to fulfillment and joy, this is Lynsi’s story.

6 thoughts on “Lynsi Snyder

  1. Bobp at 5:28 pm

    I was so thrilled to read of Lynsi’s walk with Jesus Christ…
    No matter what has taken place in our lives, Christ is always ready to be our guide. Bless you and your children, husband and all that touches your life!!
    Bobbie from New Mexico (Albuquerque)

  2. Siri Chatman at 11:39 am
    Siri Chatman

    It’s good when someone is
    Able to overcome heart break and
    Hardships by realizing that the only person that truely can help them is Jesus Christ. Healing the kind of hurts and pains she endured Can only be done when you step back and realize you’re sinking and if you don’t reach up and ask God for help, you won’t survive.
    And she realized that. And she got a second chance, thank you Jesus. She got the healing that only God can give. This is a very encouraging testimony and I hope that if anyone else sees it they will be encouraged too, and there is help in the Lord when you can’t get help from anybody else. Like the old folks say,”Try Jesus, He’s alright”. To me He’s better than alright.

  3. Rachel L. at 9:50 am
    Rachel L.

    That was so beautiful and inspiring! I’ve struggled with bad relationships for a long time and am currently in one now. Thank you for sharing this! I am one step closer to leaving my bad relationship and going closer to God <3

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