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Jason Propaganda Petty
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Jason Propaganda Petty

Underground rap artist, Jason “Propaganda” Petty, grew up a fish out of water. Born black in a mexican neighborhood. A poet and artist in the midst an alpha male urban environment. When his family went suburban, it got no better. Now he was the poor black kid in the all white neighborhood.

So who was Jason “Propaganda” Petty? What was his purpose in life, his identity? How would he find himself? Was he an artist or a thug? Rich or poor? Black, caucasian, or Mexican? Watch his film and discover the surprising answers he found to life’s most challenging questions.

4 thoughts on “Jason Propaganda Petty

  1. Shelia at 1:48 am

    Listen I know Propaganda is not going to read this but I was at Hot Hearts 2018 and I want to say that he saved my life right then and there! He is amazing and one day if I’m lucky I just hope I get to meet him because he is my idol!

  2. Willa Jai at 1:04 am
    Willa Jai

    Blessings to you Propaganda,

    I was blessed to view your video in a class I am taking called Christian World View and your video GOSPEL just gave me all kinds of chills and resonated through to my soul!! I thank you for breaking it down that way you did and how you so eloquently put “You can not save yourself, so stop trying”. Yes Lord, it definitely reached my spirit. I pray God continues to guide you through this world sharing the good news to the ones that only think we can hear about God in a building and never truly understand it from their generation. You definitely are blessed in the way you bring it and I pray God has us cross paths one day.

    Be Blessed with Love & Light my brother,


  3. Samuel Pyo at 10:33 pm
    Samuel Pyo

    Hi Propaganda,

    I hope you don’t mind me calling you by that, it is just the way that I heard of you growing up. I am the youth pastor currently at the Church of Southland in Anaheim, and I just wanted you to know that I was so blessed by your sharing your story of feeling out of place. I also grew up in the La Puente/ West Covina area, well a little bit out of the way in Hacienda Heights. I can totally identity with you, though not a 100%, on what it means to not be sure where you belong. Being a Korean American, being surrounded by Mexicans and Filipinos, and other asians, I struggled with who I really fit in with. Thanks for sharing and using your music to encourage others around you. I used poetry to voice my hurts, and my feelings, but also to uplift and encourage others. Thanks for encouraging me to do that through your work. Blessed by you brother,

    Blessings to you

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