Jack Graham

As a boy Jack Graham idolized his father. Strong, indestructible, provider and protector – he wanted to be just like him. To Jack, his dad was more than a father, he was friend; a relationship that would last forever. The reality is you never fathom living without the person whose life is so intricately connected to yours. Sometimes a bond can be so thick and transparent, that breaking it seems impossible. But which way do you go when the path gets dark or the road winding? Where a guiding voice once led you left or right is now a heavy silence, with only echoes from the past.  How do you keep walking while having to let go at the same time?

These were the many questions racing through Jack’s mind when tragedy struck. Jack’s father was a victim of violence; and his family left without the man, husband, father and friend who kept their foundation solid. Yet God was present in the pain. Dark days became brighter and Jack’s purpose in life became clearer. He became more committed to life than ever before and grew to be the man he always admired in his father.

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