What’s so great about the bible?

Pete Brisco

The bible claims for itself that it is God breathed, that it is written by the Holy Spirit of God Himself through human instruments. The bible is written over thousands of years, in a number of different cultures in three different major languages, yet the entire thing all points in the same direction. There is a theme that goes all the way through the whole thing, it's absolutely remarkable. I thoroughly believe that the bible is breathed of God, that God wrote it. As a result, it is thoroughly relevant in every single age because God is timeless. And so there's aspects of it that are a little archaic but there is something useful in every single passage of scripture for people living today. When I was a little boy, I was growing up in England and my buddy Andy and I were playing the yard one day and my dad came to us and he said whatever you do, do not go over the wall at the end of the yard. Andy and I never noticed the yard at the end of the yard before. as soon as he turned around, over we went and while having a great time, we heard this grunt behind us. We turned around and there was the biggest, nastiest bull you've ever seen and he was charging towards us. When we got back over that walk, my father was waiting and told us to sit down. He said, "The reason I told you not to go over the wall is because I knew there was something on the other side that could hurt you. I knew that bull was there. I didn't want you to get hurt. Whenever you read something in the bible where God says don't do this, He's not trying to spoil your fun. He in His great wisdom knows there's something on the other side of that line that will hurt you if you go there and it is out of His immense, amazing love that He puts boundaries in place for us." Even the boundaries in scripture help us today because we know that there's something on the other side that will help us. Everything in scripture helps us in someway, because it is God breathed, it is written by God Himself, to the people He loves. I've heard it say that the bible, I'v
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