The End of Malice

Knock, knock, knock. It was the Devil. And he was coming for his stuff back.


The Story

“The End of Malice” is a real-life look into the story of Gene “No Malice” Thornton, a rap pioneer who gained success and fame only to find that the spoils of hip-hop stardom weren’t enough to bring him the fulfillment he desired. Drawing upon the observations of his brother Terrence Thornton (a.k.a Pusha T), and the commentary of his close friend, Pharrell Williams, the 40-minute documentary delivers a passionate and riveting story relevant for anyone striving for more out of life.

The full film debuted on Revolt TV on March 27. You can visit the film’s special website here, as well as watch the film courtesy of Revolt here.

You can also listen to and purchase the film’s soundtrack, Movin’ Weight, on iTunes.


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