Your story

Your story

Have you ever heard of a cardboard testimony? Go to Youtube and take your pick. They are amazing. It’s a candid way to explain how Christ has changed your life. So what is yours? How is your life different because of Christ? Can you tell your testimony in a sentence or two?

The reason I ask is because many of you are buying t-shirts and bumper stickers. Many of you are posting I am Second to your profile. But what do you say when someone asks you what it is? You don’t want to scare them off by being cheesy. You want to be authentic. So, relating it to yourself, you can make your answer more genuine.

Here’s what I say:

“What is that?!”

“It’s a website where people from all walks of life tell their stories.”

“But what does that mean, I am Second?”

“For me, I am Second because my life was full of chaos and anger and now that I’m second it’s full of peace and joy. You should check out the website to learn more.”

I incorporate my I am Second testimony into the answer. So what’s your cardboard testimony, and how can you incorporate that into your answer when people ask about I am Second?

Your next challenge is to tell someone your cardboard testimony. I better get lots of answers from you guys ;-)!


8 thoughts on “Your story

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  2. Pilisa at 8:58 pm

    WAS socially handicapped.
    NOW still socially awkward.. but putting myself out there everyday, in hopes of being able to further the kingdom.

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