Travel With Second


What if we traveled with a higher purpose? What if whether we go to the beach, the Grand Canyon, or down the street to the store, we left our homes with a sense of mission?

Every day, people from the movement show us their real travel experiences, their journey if you will. They shine a little light on what it means to travel with the right things in their heart, the right ideas in their mind, and a higher purpose. The pictures you see from the movement show that the act of traveling is more than just changing location. It’s about going for a purpose that’s for good, and it may not necessarily mean you’re going very far away. It’s the mission not the destination that makes travel a true journey.

It’s comforting to know we’re journeying together as a movement, and I am Second gear is one of the best reminders of that. Those living Second prove it everyday. We don’t blame you for yearning for sandy beaches or for needing an escape. But let these pictures remind you that wherever you go, you can still go with a mission. Whether you’re going somewhere far away this summer or just taking the journey of life in the same ‘ole hometown you’ve been in for years, think about traveling more with I am Second gear than you ever have before. You never know who else’s journey you could change.

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