(Photo source: Ryan Wong via Unsplash.com)
(Photo source: Ryan Wong via Unsplash.com)

Wow, what a year.

We’ve been looking back on I Am Second in 2016, and guys, it was awesome.

We met a bunch of you on Warped Tour, we cheered you on at our runs, we released a full-length documentary (now on Netflix!!) and we launched SIX new White Chair Films. Talk about a good time.

But that’s not it! About a year and a half ago, we told you that we’re committing to publishing more engaging, authentic, and relevant content on our blog. Our hope was that you would be able to interact with us in more ways than our films. And to that we say: Bravo to you. Not only have you been reading our blog posts, but you’ve been commenting with beautiful honesty and sharing them with your friends and family. It is because of you that the message of living second is spreading.

Did you miss any of the awesome content from our I Am Second contributors this year? Here’s a list of the top 10 original blog posts that we shared in 2016: Check them out!

10. How I almost became the bride I swore I would never be

(Photo source: Caitlin Jordan)

9. I’m an Olympian who found hope after embarrassment in 2008

Olympian David Boudia about to perform a dive. After embarrassment in 2008, he became a gold medal-winner in 2012. (Photo source: Thomas Nelson)
(Photo source: Thomas Nelson)

8. I was addicted to porn… Here’s how I stopped

(Photo source: Pexels.com)
(Photo source: Pexels.com)

7. Seven things I’ve learned from seven years of marriage

Seidl and his wife, Brett, celebrating their anniversary. (Source: Jonathon M. Seidl)
(Source: Jonathon M. Seidl)

6. I Am Second was robbed — and it was a good thing

(Photo source: Unsplash.com)

5. Three ways to stop believing your own lies

(Photo source: WordSwag)
(Photo source: WordSwag)

4. Justin Bieber nails it regarding God and faith… again 

Justin Bieber poses for a selife on his Instagram account. (Source: Instagram.com/justinbieber)
(Source: Instagram.com/justinbieber)

3. Confession: I’m a church girl that reads porn

(Photo source: Pexels.com)
(Photo source: Pexels.com)

2. The tragic line buried in a story about ‘The Bachelor’ contestant’s suicide

Lex McAllister, a former contestant on "The Bachelor," committed suicide this week. She was 31. (Photo source: Instagram)
(Photo source: Instagram)

1. Three reasons why you should watch Netflix’s ‘Making a Murderer’ 

A collage of Steven Avery. (Source: Twitter.com/makingamurderer)
(Source: Twitter.com/makingamurderer)

Thank you for reading and sharing our stories of brokenness and what it means to live second. We ask that you would continue to share your thoughts with us by commenting and passing the blog posts along to your friends; you are reminding others that they are not alone.

What topics do you want to see on the blog in 2017? Let us know by commenting below!

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