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If you drove by a gym this past weekend, you probably noticed a flurry of activity: treadmill belts going round and round like hamster wheels; free weights that were no longer free; and plenty of medicine balls being tossed around. It’s the new year, and a lot of people have resolved to get fit. Perhaps you are even one of those people.

But what if your goals for 2016 look a little different than years past? What if, instead of vowing just to get fit, you decided instead to get “active”? What if you were actively pursuing deeper relationships, intentional with your time spent with strangers at the gym and actively finding ways to get more involved with your community?

Maybe you began your journey to ultimate body perfection by making lists, jotting down notes on the calendar, and researching the most effective programs. After setting a few personal fitness goals, and of course after buying the trendiest fitness gear (you know, for the extra motivation) you muster up the bravery to join the other  resolvers at the wildly intimidating local gym.

You leave your first session feeling as if you could conquer the world, only to be greeted by outrageously sore muscles the next morning feeling more like you may have broken something, and it could be serious. After a day (or three) of rest, you return to the gym after several pep talks in the mirror and a multitude of aggressively labeled alarms on your phone.

Taking care of your body and being concerned with health isn’t bad in and of itself. But only focusing on your fitness goals, changing your schedule to fit around your work outs, and spending more time with yourself at the gym can result in spending the majority of your days spent thinking all about, well, yourself! And we all know that will eventually become pretty exhausting.

What if, instead of vowing just to get fit, you decided instead to get “active”?

So why not  shake things up this year. Instead of fit, let’s shoot for active. And not just in the physical sense.

Focusing on getting active shifts your thoughts to make you second. When are you going to get active and tell your friends your second story? What about that lonely man you see every day at the gym, do you think he could benefit from knowing why you’re second?

We know it’s hard incorporating your story into a casual conversation. At the I Am Second store, we have bracelets, books, coffee mugs, apparel, and more that serve as incredible conversation starters, helping to break the ice. To encourage you in turning getting fit into getting active, athletic and activewear is 10% off during the month of January!

You can also get active by shopping with purpose at I Am Second Style. Whether it’s a bag that let’s everyone know you’re living second, or a piece of jewelry that supports mothers in Haiti, you are spreading a message of hope by buying products that reflect who you are and what you believe.

Make a resolution worth keeping. Let’s resolve to get active in 2016 by sharing what it means to live second.

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