What are these crazy students up to now?

Peter was just “another kid” in the middle school where Ms. Penny-Lowe taught. One day he came to ask to use her theater arts room, one of the biggest in the school, for a meeting before classes began on Fridays.

He and some friends had met a couple times to watch and discuss I am Second films using our film discussion guides. Other students asked if they could join, too, so they needed a bigger place to meet.

Check out this short film about how that group grew into 140+ students meeting every Friday morning before school. Now starting their third year! With the leadership baton being handed off to different student leaders each year. Who are seeing their friends trust Christ. It’s crazy what God is doing at that public school.

Thanks for your partnership in the gospel. Your investment in I am Second makes it possible to provide resources to student leaders like Peter who want to help people encounter Jesus in unexpected places.


Mike Jorgensen
Executive Director / I am Second

P.S. Please forward this to a student leader, youth pastor or adult youth worker you know who might be interested in learning more about I am Second resources for students available at iamsecond.com/students.

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