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Being the star quarterback for the USC Trojans is an honor for Matt Barkley. The last three before him: Mark Sanchez, Matt Leinart, and Carson Palmer, are each stars in the NFL. Experts are projecting Matt to join them in the professional ranks. For now, however, the junior at the University of Southern California has a platform in which the spotlight is shining on his every move, including his faith in Christ. He takes the next step in sharing that faith through an I am Second film premiering on Monday, November 7th.

The music scene in Evansville, Indiana may not be as large as New York City, but it is vibrant nonetheless. So when Sean Little performs, people are listening. Perform it is, since his energetic hip-hop/rap requires him to transform from the soft-spoken family man he is away from the stage. But it wasn’t always that way. Only through Christ working in his life has he developed a peace to help him calm the dysfunctional he lived out earlier in his life. His film also premiers November 7th.

I am Second was in Nashville recently filming a major country music star whose film will be released in several weeks. Also filmed in Nashville were several local personalities, a national reality show participant and a retired international sports celebrity. Patience, please. They will all be released soon.

Filming in Dallas also will take place in November with an award-winning baseball star, spanish-language television personality and former model. Any guesses as to who?

The release of I am Second’s Lecrae film in September generated the most initial views of any film to date and helped push web traffic to its highest one day total ever.

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