The Joy in a Facebook Invitation

A couple of weeks ago, I got a really neat email through from a cool guy named Marshall.
“So, yesterday I turn on my computer and log onto Facebook. I see that there is a message from the Facebook group ‘I Am Second.’ I didn’t really know what it was all about so I log on and start watching the videos. I was blown away. That whole time I was there watching, I felt the love of God permeate my whole being. And then it all made sense to me. I’m watching Stephen Baldwin’s video and he said something that I have never heard before, but always knew. He said, “My life is God’s life in me for him to do what he wants.” That’s when it clicked. That’s when I realized that I have no life of my own in Christ. By saying that, I mean I don’t have any right to live for myself.”

People are finding Christ through I Am Second, and they’re finding I Am Second through something as simple as a Facebook invitation. Look how easy it is to spread the word!

Obviously, we have a Facebook group at I Am Second. But did you also know there is a Twitter account to follow? There’s also a MySpace page. So, embrace it. Share it. Get creative with it. All it takes is a couple of clicks usually and you could make a huge impact on someone. Join the Facebook group, and invite your friends. Add a tag to your status “James is ready for spring break!” (That goes for Twitter and MySpace too!). Let people know! If you’re on MySpace, change your display name. Write a blog post. Post a Bulletin. Open a door for your friends to find out about being second. You never know what kind of impact it will have.

Do you guys have any other ideas? Let me know how it goes!


5 thoughts on “The Joy in a Facebook Invitation

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  2. Hollis at 5:05 pm

    I am honored to be “second” to JESUS, and consider myself “last”, because I can never measure up to being “worthy” of His great Love for me. I only thank Him for the privilege of being able to serve Him in any way I can, through church, family, friends and others, to spread the good news of His great love in whatever way the LORD enables me, to any and all the people of this world, so we can all be reunited in His Kingdom in the next…….

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