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Is it showing?

I have a new friend named Ben. He’s a goofy guy, but he encourages me frequently with a phrase that I find myself trying to stick to in all situations. “Does this show the love of Christ?” So when I’m debating whether to have a conversation with a friend who I know doesn’t know Christ and I keep my mouth shut, is that showing the love of Christ? When I see someone with a need I can meet, but don’t choose to meet it, is that showing the love of Christ? When I see two people in a spiritual argument and decide to jump right in for the fun of it, does that show the love of Christ?

This hit home when I was watching Priscilla’s video yesterday. Her friend (now husband) was willing to put himself in danger in order to share with her how much Christ loved her. That definitely was showing love! Look at where her life is now. She has completely given her life over to ministry, and it couldn’t have happened without one person being willing to put himself second to her needs, and showing love.

We’ve been so blessed with the love of Christ changing our lives; why not show it to others, too? I read something from C.S. Lewis a few days ago that actually startled me. In Mere Christianity, he said, “As for the unbelievers, they will no doubt cheerfully use the word [Christian] in the refined sense. It will become in their mouths simply a term of praise. In calling anyone a Christian, they will mean that they think him a good man.” I don’t about you, but I definitely don’t think things panned out this way. Many people’s perception of “Christians” is far less that “a good man”. Maybe we can start changing people’s minds by showing them love.

So my challenge for you is to show love to 3 people a day for the next week, and if ever they acknowledge that you’re being kind or nice, be sure to tell them what compels you to be so loving: Christ.

Let me know how it goes-